Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Boho Fun in Huertas, Madrid

Been There, Do This: Boho Fun in Huertas, Madrid

By: Manasi Patel


If you’re looking for something to do in Madrid besides hitting the discoteca until sunrise, check out the Huertas district, also known as el Barrio de Las Letras (the “Neighborhood of Letters”). As Madrid’s literary quarter, Huertas has been home to many famous writers, including Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes.

Visitors can discover the bohemian nuances of Spain’s capital by catching a Spanish Film Library screening at the historic Cine Dore theater; getting immersed in one of the Caixa Forum Museum’s avant-garde exhibits; or sitting in on live performances at any number of jazz bars, such as the one pictured above. With unique, artistic culture, the streets of Huertas offer a fresh twist to the urban Madrid lifestyle.

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