Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Horseback Riding in Vik, Iceland

Been There, Do This: Horseback Riding in Vik, Iceland

By: Skye Mayring


Iceland is known as the Land of Fire and Ice, and it’s easy to see why in the village of Vik. Located about 110 miles southeast of Reykjavik, Vik lies beneath Myrdalsjokull Glacier and the infamous Katla Volcano, responsible for a devastating eruption in 1918, which extended the southern coast more than 3 miles.

Today, locals head to the coast for its scenic beaches. This is a draw even in the winter, when new fallen snow contrasts with its black basalt sand. This fall, I chose to explore the southernmost point of Iceland on horseback with Viking Horses, a relatively new tour operator that is based in the outskirts of Reykjavik.

Riding in and around Reykjavik can be fun in its own right, but galloping along a volcanic beach, with hardly anyone else around, was the most liberating experience I’ve ever had on horseback. A fully customizable tour, like mine, can be booked through Viking Horses and typically includes snacks or an Icelandic meal, such as kleina (a deep-fried pastry) or traditional smoked lamb with Icelandic flat bread.

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