Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Driving to Bonifacio, Corsica

Been There, Do This: Driving to Bonifacio, Corsica

By: Mindy Poder


This particular afternoon — which I’ll never forget — almost didn’t happen. It began innocently enough. Our Windstar ship dropped us off at Corsica’s Porto-Vecchio, a small port town that is good for a quick walk but not an entire day, especially when other parts of Corsica are within reach.

Unfortunately, the one bad thing about cruising to small ports whose authenticities haven’t been misconfigured by booming tourism is that it may be hard to catch a cab. Luckily, our ship’s compact size allowed us to quickly befriend our fellow cruise mates, and we found some new buddies who wanted to split a rental car with us. One couple even offered to drive and navigate, allowing me and my friend to enjoy the drive.

With no agenda in Bonifacio, we had a true adventure: climbing old walls, poking our heads through gaps in the battlements and taking in the limestone cliffs from as many angles as possible.

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