Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Mono Lake, California

Been There, Do This: Mono Lake, California

By: Ashley Burnett

Here’s what I intended to do on my trip to Mono Lake in Mono County, Calif.: take a couple of pictures, enjoy the scenery and climb up on a few of the lake’s beautiful salt deposits — they are, after all, what Mono Lake is known for.

Here’s what actually happened at Mono Lake: I took pictures, enjoyed the scenery, climbed up on a salt deposit — and then, lost my shoes and socks in the mud on the way back to the car.

Despite losing my shoes, Mono Lake was worth the trip. Besides my two friends and me, the lake area was completely empty, and we could take in the view in silence. The salt deposits that form on the lake are so white they make the crystal-blue lake look like it’s covered in snow.

The hike to the lake is picturesque as well. You have to walk through tall grass, and the sound of the wind rustling through the fields is difficult to capture in its peacefulness. Also, Mono Lake is a great place to go bird-watching — the lake hosts 2 million migratory birds every year, so you’re sure to see at least a few any time you go. A visitor center offers information about the history of Mono Lake, but the center is closed during winter, so plan accordingly.

And if you do go, remember to tie your shoelaces tight.

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