Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Street Food in Tlaquepaque, Mexico

Been There, Do This: Street Food in Tlaquepaque, Mexico

By: Emma Weissmann


I’m a bit of a foodie. So when traveling to a new place, I always jump at the chance to try the local cuisine.

On a recent trip to Tlaquepaque, a town just outside of southern Guadalajara, Mexico, I again found myself searching for good eats. My grumbling stomach eventually led me to a street-food cart in the town’s main square. This area is perhaps most known as the birthplace of the Mexican mariachi band, but it’s also a food-lover’s paradise. From the rich mole to the sweet corn on the cob dripping with chili and cheese, the locals here know a thing or two about flavor.

At the square, bags and cups of what appeared to be bright-green berries caught my eye. I later found out that these were “guasanas,” or Mexican chickpeas. The soft beans are encased in a mushy shell, covered with lime and salt and served as a cheap and delicious snack.

I purchased my own bag of guasanas, and as I sat down on a nearby bench to enjoy my treat, a mariachi band began their serenade.

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