Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Dog Eared Books in San Francisco

Been There, Do This: Dog Eared Books in San Francisco

By: Ashley Burnett

In a city chock-full of bookstores, Dog Eared Books still manages to stand out. The San Francisco shop has used books on almost every topic you can imagine — from architecture to dance to travel — in addition to a great selection of new releases still available at affordable prices.

While Dog Eared Books isn’t the biggest bookstore in San Francisco, its interior is cozy and warm. Bookworms can be found sitting at the ends of aisles reading or perusing the shelves, and the staff is friendly and ready to give a recommendation. The establishment also sells books from indie publishers, which means you can find reads here that you won’t find anywhere else.

But books aren’t the only draw. The shop boasts a large collection of vintage postcards to send to friends who aren’t lucky enough to be in San Francisco. If postcards aren’t your thing, the shop also hawks cool vintage-looking posters with designs such as taxonomies of birds and plants, constellations and a cursory palm-reading guide.

After walking up and down the hills of San Francisco, resting your legs at Dog Eared Books feels like a special treat. But be forewarned: Your arms will soon be likely to hurt as well — from carrying the giant shopping bag holding your Dog Eared purchases.

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