Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Flora Farm Grocery in San Jose del Cabo

Been There, Do This: Flora Farm Grocery in San Jose del Cabo

By: Emma Weissmann

“Back there is ‘fiesta town,’” our guide said.

Gabriel Estrada, of Los Cabos-based transportation company Transcabo, pointed out the back window of our van toward the ever-shrinking Cabo San Lucas.

“And just up ahead is ‘siesta town,’” he laughed, pointing to San Jose del Cabo, our destination for the day.

While it’s true that San Jose del Cabo is not as vivacious as its party-centric neighbor to the southwest, the town is not nearly as sleepy as one might think. In fact, the downtown area offers unique shops and restaurants frequented by tourists and locals alike.

One such spot is a small grocery store owned by Flora Farm, a 10-acre organic farm located deep in the foothills of Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Although the farm itself is quite difficult to access, this tiny pop-up grocery store has plenty to offer hungry passersby. Fresh produce and vegetables come directly from the farm, in addition to bread, farm-fresh eggs, lotions, oils and sugar skull soaps. There is also a full refrigerated section stocked with meats, cheese and jam.

Itching to get to the farm? This satellite grocery offers tours and cooking classes, available for reservation.

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