Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Yelapa, Mexico

Been There, Do This: Yelapa, Mexico

By: Ashley Burnett


Leaving the resort can be a tough sell for anyone — especially when it means taking a one-hour boat ride and being surrounded by several seasick people. But when the destination is the fishing village of Yelapa, the trip from Nuevo Vallarta is completely worth it. Not to mention, traveling by boat is quicker than traveling by car, which takes up to four hours, and there are stunning views of Banderas Bay along the way.

Yelapa is no slouch in the looks department, either. There are charming houses and businesses, as well as a bar located next to the town’s local waterfall, both of which are just a half-hour walk along the village’s cobblestone streets. It isn’t everyday you see a waterfall smackdab in the middle of a town, nor is it everyday that you get to swim beneath one. Yelapa lets you do both, in addition to having a lovely beach and friendly people. It’s well worth getting out of Nuevo Vallarta to explore this charming little village and take a dip in its waterfall, even for just a half-day.

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