Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Casa Kimberly in Puerto Vallarta

Been There, Do This: Casa Kimberly in Puerto Vallarta

By: Ashley Burnett

You don’t need to be a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor or Richard Burton to appreciate the beauty of Casa Kimberly because its stunning architecture and old-school beauty will quickly make you one.

The presence of Old Hollywood’s most passionate couple is felt all around the new hotel, formerly the home of Burton and Taylor — you only need to walk a few steps into the property before you come face-to-face with a statue of the two gazing into each other’s eyes.

Most of Casa Kimberly’s nine suites are named after Taylor’s cinematic hits, such as “National Velvet” and “Cleopatra.” Though the property was renovated before opening as Casa Kimberly, it still has some of its original charms intact — including the heart-shaped bathtub that resembles an actual anatomical heart in the Elizabeth Taylor Suite, her former bedroom.

If a stay is out of the question, Casa Kimberly’s open-air restaurant and tequila bar, The Iguana, is also open to the public for dinner. Diners feast on stuffed chili peppers and ceviche while drinking in every last detail of Casa Kimberly.

And who knows? Afterward, you might feel inspired to seek out a relationship just as impassioned as Liz and Dick’s.

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