Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Frozen Custard in Boston

Been There, Do This: Frozen Custard in Boston

By: Ashley Burnett


It might have been very cold when I visited Boston — and it didn’t help that I’m used to California’s sunny weather — but that didn’t stop me from getting a sweet treat at Abbott’s Frozen Custard. Located in the charming, student-friendly neighborhood of Brighton, Abbott’s is the place to be. And if you order their signature “Turtle” custard (vanilla or chocolate custard layered with chocolate fudge and Spanish peanuts) like I did, you won’t care how cold it is outside.

Flavors rotate constantly. So, if you go, convince your companion to get a different flavor that you can try, too. The staff is also very friendly and will help you pick out flavors, with samples to boot. You can also grab cakes, pies and pints to go — perfect for the long drive to the airport in Boston’s traffic.

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