Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Igloofest Music Festival in Montreal

Been There, Do This: Igloofest Music Festival in Montreal

By: Emma Weissmann


Vacation can’t always be 75 degrees and sunny. When I found myself exploring in Montreal in early February, for instance, winter had reared its ugly head, leaving me to shuffle from place to place with my hands thrust into pockets and my hat lowered to just above my eyes.

While this might not an ideal way to explore a destination, Montreal has found a way not just to tolerate the subzero temperatures, but to embrace them as well. Its annual outdoor electronic dance music festival, Igloofest, spans multiple weekends during winter and invites music lovers to dance under the stars at the Old Port of Montreal, where mulled wine, toasted marshmallows and a catchy beat provide just enough warmth to stave off the evening chill.

DJs hail from all over the world and spin their sets on these outdoor stages. In addition to dancing, festival attendees can make s’mores around campfires, pose for photos with a giant white yeti — Igloofest’s mascot — and even take a ride down a giant slide. And in the off chance that dancing doesn’t do enough to keep guests warm, a colorful array of winter hats is available for purchase.

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