Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Honolua Bay on Maui

Been There, Do This: Honolua Bay on Maui

By: Lindsay Kamikawa


With the taste of coconut water still sweet on our lips, my friends and I slung our snorkel gear over our backs, letting the hot pavement guide us to Honolua Bay.

Coconut Caboose, a food truck located just around the bend from the famous beach, had served as the perfect pit stop before an afternoon of world-class snorkeling. Bellies full of coconut meat, we trailed behind other beach-goers into the forest, unprepared for its otherworldly powers.

Palm trees evolved into high emerald canopies, with shoots of light-green leaves on either side of the trail. Within minutes, we had gone from a highway to a tropical fortress with colors that only deepened the farther we pushed. Soon enough, we were walking in single file, each of us absorbed in our own aimless wonder.

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