Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Biscuit Basin at Yellowstone National Park

Been There, Do This: Biscuit Basin at Yellowstone National Park

By: Camille Frigillana


After six days of driving through six states, our bus tour finally made it to Yellowstone National Park. I will admit that when we arrived, my feeling of exhaustion surpassed my excitement to be at the park, and my sense of adventure to explore was almost nonexistent. So, when we stopped at Biscuit Basin, I didn’t know what to expect — and I didn’t really care.

But, as I stepped out of the bus and stretched my legs, I was welcomed by a cool breeze that immediately lifted my spirits. It’s amazing how some fresh air can turn your mood around.

I began to follow the crowd toward the basin, and I couldn’t help but smile at the gorgeous scenery that surrounded me. It’s one thing to see it from a bus window, but it’s another to actually step outside and soak it all in. I continued to walk along the path that took me to different hot springs and reflective pools, trying to remember every detail.

If it wasn’t for the time limit that we had, I would have stayed at the basin for as long as I could, watching the steam billow out from the mighty Excelsior Geyser Crater and observing the reflection of the clouds roll by through the Grand Prismatic Spring.


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