Travel To Go | Been There, Do This: Chirimoya in Salta, Argentina

Been There, Do This: Chirimoya in Salta, Argentina

By: Mindy Poder


Traveling as a vegetarian isn’t always easy, but it’s especially limiting in a country that prides itself on serving beef — hulking towers of the stuff — at nearly every meal.

And that’s where Chirimoya, an unassuming cafe in Salta, Argentina, comes in. In a desert of empanadas, pasta and Argentine carne, Chirimoya is an oasis. I discovered Chirimoya while perusing a list of superlative dining options in Salta, and I was surprised to see a predominately vegan cafe among parrillas (grill restaurants) and Italian carbohydrate sanctuaries. Both times I visited Chirimoya, it was packed. Apparently, even omnivores need a break from steak sometimes.

What it lacks in doting and rapid service, Chirimoya more than makes up for in tasty, healthy menu offerings. This includes raw vegan lasagna, paella, sushi, large salads, smoothies and fresh juices. There are also a few South American spin-offs, such as a must-try quinoa-steak with thick potatoes. And to top it off, the restaurant — with its green chairs and anthropomorphic vegetable artwork — is as happiness-inducing and bright as its food.

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