Alaskan Dream Cruises

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Alaskan Dream Cruises
OCG Class: Specialty
Newest Ship:  Alaskan Dream
Number of Ships:  5
Toll-Free (US):  855-747-8100
Alaskan Dream Cruises Specialty Cruise Line
Alaskan Dream Cruises Ships

Alaskan Dream Cruises offers small-ship cruising on unique itineraries designed by true Alaskans. The cruises go to less traveled places with extraordinary scenic qualities, historical significance and abundant wildlife.
Admiralty Dream Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Admiralty Dream
Year Built: 1979
Refurbished: 2012
Passengers: 66
Decks: 4
Size: 98 tons
Alaskan Dream Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Alaskan Dream
Year Built: 1986
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 42
Decks: 4
Size: 93 tons
Baranof Dream Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Baranof Dream
Year Built: 1980
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 49
Decks: 4
Size: 97 tons
Chichagof Dream Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Chichagof Dream
Year Built: 1984
Refurbished: 2016
Passengers: 71
Decks: 4
Size: 95 tons
Misty Fjord Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Misty Fjord
Passengers: 10
Decks: 2