American Queen Steamboat Company

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American Queen Steamboat Company
OCG Class: River Cruise
Newest Ship:  American Duchess
Number of Ships:  3
Toll-Free (US):  888-749-5280
American Queen Steamboat Company River Cruise Cruise Line
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The American Queen Steamboat Company offers steamboat cruising on the great rivers of the United States. The American Queen, the largest steamboat in the world and a marvel of American engineering, transports you back in time to an era of leisurely and romantic travel along the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Their second ship, the American Empress, does the same for the Pacific Northwest. In 2017, the new American Duchess will join the fleet on cruises through America's heartland.
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American Duchess
Year Built: 2017
Passengers: 166
Decks: 3
American Empress Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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American Empress
Year Built: 2003
Refurbished: 2014
Passengers: 223
Decks: 4
Size: 3,388 tons
American Queen Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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American Queen
Year Built: 1995
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 436
Decks: 6
Size: 3,707 tons