Cruceros Australis

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Cruceros Australis
OCG Class: Expedition
Newest Ship:  Stella Australis
Number of Ships:  2
Toll-Free (US):  877-678-3772
Cruceros Australis Expedition Cruise Line
Cruceros Australis Ships

Cruceros Australis has been carrying passengers along the Chilean and Argentinean coasts for more than 20 years. The fleet consists of two small, purpose-built ships that visit some of the world's most beautiful areas between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas.
Stella Australis Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Stella Australis
Year Built: 2010
Passengers: 210
Decks: 5
Size: 4,500 tons
Via Australis Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Via Australis
Year Built: 2005
Passengers: 136
Decks: 4
Size: 2,716 tons