Crystal Cruises

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Crystal Cruises
OCG Class: Luxury
Newest Ship:  Crystal Serenity
Number of Ships:  4
Toll-Free (US):  866-446-6625
Crystal Cruises Luxury Cruise Line
Crystal Cruises Ships

Hovering somewhere between the premium and high-end luxury markets, Crystal Cruises offers two well-appointed and elegant cruise ships each carrying around 1,000 passengers. The ships never stick to one area long, and generally circumnavigate the globe annually.
Crystal Esprit Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Crystal Esprit
Year Built: 1991
Refurbished: 2015
Passengers: 62
Decks: 5
Size: 3,264 tons
Crystal Mozart Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Crystal Mozart
Year Built: 1987
Refurbished: 2016
Passengers: 160
Decks: 4
Size: 4,000 tons
Crystal Serenity Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Crystal Serenity
Year Built: 2003
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 1,080
Size: 68,000 tons
Crystal Symphony Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Crystal Symphony
Year Built: 1995
Refurbished: 2009
Passengers: 922
Decks: 8
Size: 51,044 tons