French Country Waterways

Quick Specs
French Country Waterways
OCG Class: Specialty
Newest Ship:  Adrienne
Number of Ships:  4
Toll-Free (US):  800-222-1236
French Country Waterways Specialty Cruise Line
French Country Waterways Ships

French Country Waterways is actually an American-owned venture based in Massachusetts. The line has a fleet of four luxurious hotel barges that offer a variety of itineraries in Burgundy, Upper Loire and Alsace-Lorraine.
Adrienne Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2005
Passengers: 12
Decks: 2
Horizon II Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Horizon II
Year Built: 1950
Refurbished: 2004
Passengers: 8
Decks: 2
Size: 200 tons
Nenuphar Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 1979
Refurbished: 2002
Passengers: 12
Decks: 2
Size: 280 tons
Princess Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 1973
Refurbished: 2001
Passengers: 8
Decks: 2
Size: 280 tons