Ibero Cruises

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Ibero Cruises
OCG Class: Mainstream
Newest Ship:  Grand Celebration
Number of Ships:  2
Ibero Cruises Mainstream Cruise Line
Ibero Cruises Ships

Ibero Cruises is a largely Carnival-owned venture, catering to the middle-class Spanish-speaking market. The line has three ships carrying between 800 and 1,400 passengers on itineraries in Europe and the Caribbean.
Grand Celebration Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Grand Celebration
Year Built: 1987
Refurbished: 2008
Passengers: 1,896
Decks: 10
Size: 47,626 tons
Grand Holiday Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Grand Holiday
Year Built: 1985
Refurbished: 1998
Passengers: 1,800
Decks: 9
Size: 46,052 tons