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Alaska Marine Highway Cruises & Ships
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Alaska Marine Highway
Ships Cruising: 6  Newest Alaska Marine Highway Ship: Kennicott
A state-owned operation founded in 1963, the Alaska Marine Highway primarily serves as a passenger, vehicle and freight service for British Columbian and Inside Passage ports that lack road access to the outside world. Tourists and sightseers are welcome, but accommodations are basic as these are working vessels.
Alaskan Dream Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Alaskan Dream Cruises
Ships Cruising: 5  Newest Alaskan Dream Cruises Ship: Alaskan Dream
Alaskan Dream Cruises offers small-ship cruising on unique itineraries designed by true Alaskans. The cruises go to less traveled places with extraordinary scenic qualities, historical significance and abundant wildlife.
Belmond Cruises & Ships
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Ships Cruising: 2  Newest Belmond Ship: Belmond Orcaella
Belmond, formerly known as Orient Express, operates two river ships in Asia. The Belmond Road to Mandalay carries well-heeled travelers in luxurious appointments and features excellent regional cuisine and Asian decor. A second ship, the Belmond Orcaella, began service in July 2013 and sails on the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers.
Belmond Afloat in France Cruises & Ships
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Belmond Afloat in France
Ships Cruising: 7  Newest Belmond Afloat in France Ship: Belmond Lilas
Originally started by two American women in 1987, Afloat in France is now part of Belmond and offers high-end, boutique-style barges cruising French rivers and canals. The fleet is comprised of seven luxury ships, all carrying a pilot, chef, guide and occasionally one additional sailor.
Blount Small Ship Adventures Cruises & Ships
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Blount Small Ship Adventures
Ships Cruising: 2  Newest Blount Small Ship Adventures Ship: Grande Mariner
Blount Small Ship Adventures, previously the American Canadian Caribbean Line, offers basic and affordable cruises aboard two shallow-draft vessels. Specializing in coastal and inland voyages, Blount Small Ship Adventures enjoys loyal passengers who return time and again to try new itineraries.
Captain Cook Cruises - Fiji Cruises & Ships
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Captain Cook Cruises - Fiji
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Captain Cook Cruises - Fiji Ship: Reef Endeavour
Founded in the 1970s, this family-owned cruise line operates cruises to the Fiji Islands.
Cie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime Cruises & Ships
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Cie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Cie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime Ship: Aranui 5
Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime offers a vessel serving double-duty as a cargo and passenger ship. Accommodations are of a surprisingly high-quality and itineraries focus on the Polynesian island chains of Marquesas and Tuomotus.
Club Med Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Club Med Cruises
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Club Med Cruises Ship: Club Med 2
Best-known for its all-inclusive resorts, Club Med also caters to well-heeled cruisers with the Club Med 2, a sail-assisted motorship carrying 392 passengers. Delicious French cuisine is a highlight aboard Club Med Cruises and a variety of Caribbean and Mediterranean itineraries are offered.
Coral Expeditions Cruises & Ships
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Coral Expeditions
Ships Cruising: 3  Newest Coral Expeditions Ship: Coral Discoverer
Comprised of three modestly-sized vessels (two catamarans and one expedition ship), Coral Expeditions is an Australian-owned line offering cruises of the Great Barrier Reef and South Pacific. All three vessels have a casual atmosphere and reasonable prices.
Cruise & Maritime Voyages Cruises & Ships
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Cruise & Maritime Voyages
Ships Cruising: 8  Newest Cruise & Maritime Voyages Ship: Columbus
Cruise & Maritime Voyages is a newer British line offering cruise departures from ports in the U.K, and river cruises from ports in France and Germany. Passengers can expect exceptional value holidays aboard their classic cruise ships.
European Waterways Cruises & Ships
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European Waterways
Ships Cruising: 17  Newest European Waterways Ship: Finesse
An upscale U.K.-based company founded in 1974, European Waterways boasts a fleet of luxurious barges that sail itineraries throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium and Italy. Although itineraries are themed around sightseeing, delicious food is always one of the highlights on a European Waterways cruise.
French Country Waterways Cruises & Ships
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French Country Waterways
Ships Cruising: 4  Newest French Country Waterways Ship: Adrienne
French Country Waterways is actually an American-owned venture based in Massachusetts. The line has a fleet of four luxurious hotel barges that offer a variety of itineraries in Burgundy, Upper Loire and Alsace-Lorraine.
FTI Cruises Cruises & Ships
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FTI Cruises
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest FTI Cruises Ship: Berlin
FTI Cruises has taken over the operation of the Berlin, formerly the Spirit of Adventure, and offers cruises with cultural and scenic high points in Europe and the Caribbean.
Gota Canal Steamship Co Ltd Cruises & Ships
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Gota Canal Steamship Co Ltd
Ships Cruising: 3  Newest Gota Canal Steamship Co Ltd Ship: Diana
The Gota Canal Steamship Company owns three tiny vessels carrying between 50 and 58 passengers. All offer scenic summer cruises of Sweden's Gota Canal, a 19th-century waterway connecting Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Hurtigruten Cruises & Ships
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Ships Cruising: 14  Newest Hurtigruten Ship: Roald Amundsen
Since 1893, Hurtigruten has operated a daily coastal passenger and cargo service linking three-dozen cities and towns on Norway's rugged coast. In recent years, they have expanded their sailings to include voyages to Greenland, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Europe, Africa, South America, Central America, Arctic Canada, and Antarctica. All of the small ship...
Island Windjammers Cruises & Ships
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Island Windjammers
Ships Cruising: 2  Newest Island Windjammers Ship: Diamant
Started in 2009, Island Windjammers was founded by a group of former passengers of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises who were dedicated to bringing tall ship cruising back to the Caribbean.The line offers six night cruises aboard its two ships, the 12-passenger Diamant and the 24-passenger Sagitta.
KR-Line Cruises & Ships
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Ships Cruising: 1  Newest KR-Line Ship: Johanna
KR-Line offers barge cruises on the rivers and canals of Belgium and France, allowing you to discover both the natural and historical treasures the country has to offer.
Magna Carta Steamship Company Cruises & Ships
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Magna Carta Steamship Company
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Magna Carta Steamship Company Ship: Lord of the Glens
The Magna Carta Steamship Company is a London-based firm offering cruises of the River Thames and Scottish coast aboard a luxuriously appointed vessel. Catering primarily to North Americans and a few Britons, the vessel offers the comfort and style of a Scottish hotel and is sometimes chartered by Lindblad Expeditions.
Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc Cruises & Ships
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Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc Ship: Kawartha Voyageur
A family-owned, Ontario-based venture, Ontario Waterway Cruises has a single vessel that carries 45 passengers and crew of 11. The line caters primarily to older middle-class Americans and Canadians who enjoy the ship's homey feel and family-style meals.
Ponant Cruises & Ships
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Ships Cruising: 9  Newest Ponant Ship: Le Bougainville
Ponant offers a fleet of smaller cruise ships carrying between 64 and 264 passengers. All feature high-end accommodations and their ideal size makes them an attractive option for full-ship charters.
Real Journeys Cruises & Ships
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Real Journeys
Ships Cruising: 3  Newest Real Journeys Ship: Fiordland Navigator
Real Journeys is a New Zealand-based company operating three vessels, two of which troll the majestic Milford Sound and a third that explores further reaches of the South Island and its famous Fiordland National Park. Accommodations are basic but comfortable, and passengers range from well-heeled tourists to backpacking students.
St Helena Line Ltd Cruises & Ships
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St Helena Line Ltd
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest St Helena Line Ltd Ship: St Helena
Serving one of the most remote places on earth, the St. Helena Line is a one ship fleet carrying mail, passengers and any cargo residents of St. Helena require. The ship offers basic accommodation for up to 156 passengers and carries a wide variety of cargo from frozen food to medical supplies and mail-order catalog purchases.
Star Clippers Cruises & Ships
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Star Clippers
Ships Cruising: 4  Newest Star Clippers Ship: Flying Clipper
The brainchild of Swedish yachting enthusiast Mikael Krafft, Star Clippers operates a fleet of sail-assisted motor ships catering to people who own their own yachts or those who are simply turned-off by the mainstream cruise experience. The line offers port-intensive itineraries in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Thailand and Tahiti.
Un-Cruise Adventures Cruises & Ships
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Un-Cruise Adventures
Ships Cruising: 8  Newest Un-Cruise Adventures Ship: Safari Explorer
Un-Cruise Adventures offers a unique take on small-ship cruising, allowing passengers to explore areas inaccessible to larger ships, stepping ashore in small communities, and getting up-close with wildlife. In business since 1996, and formerly known as American Safari Cruises/InnerSea Discoveries, their fleet of yachts and small ships carry guests ...
Variety Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Variety Cruises
Ships Cruising: 8  Newest Variety Cruises Ship: Variety Voyager
Founded in 2005 and based in Athens, Variety Cruises operates vessels ranging from small sailing ships to mega-yachts. Itineraries focus on the Greek Islands, Turkish coast, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.
Victory Cruise Lines Cruises & Ships
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Victory Cruise Lines
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Victory Cruise Lines Ship: Victory I
Victory Cruise Lines is a new line launched in July 2016. It will offer Canada and Great Lakes cruises in the summer and Cuba itineraries in the fall.
Viking Ocean Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Viking Ocean Cruises
Ships Cruising: 6  Newest Viking Ocean Cruises Ship: Viking Jupiter
Viking introduced a new era of ocean cruising in April 2015 with the launching of the 930 passenger Viking Star. The ocean cruises are centered around where you go, with hand-picked itineraries that allow you to immerse yourself in the history, music, art, and cuisine of each destination.
Voyages to Antiquity Cruises & Ships
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Voyages to Antiquity
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Voyages to Antiquity Ship: Aegean Odyssey
Voyages to Antiquity is a small ship niche cruise line, introduced by Gerry Herrod, original founder of Orient Lines, and managed by former Orient Line executives. The line features unique cruises exploring the history, archaeology, architecture, art history and cultural aspects of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean a...