Luftner Cruises

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Luftner Cruises
OCG Class: River Cruise
Newest Ship:  Amadeus Brilliant
Number of Ships:  3
Luftner Cruises River Cruise Cruise Line
Luftner Cruises Ships

Luftner Cruises offers European river cruises on a fleet of luxurious vessels. The line caters primarily to Europeans but North American passengers occasionally join in the mix. Music-themed cruises offer an educational and culturally rich experience.
Find Amadeus Brilliant Cruises & Sailings
Amadeus Brilliant
Year Built: 2011
Passengers: 150
Size: 1,566 tons
Amadeus Diamond Cruise Schedule & Sailings
Find Amadeus Diamond Cruises & Sailings
Amadeus Diamond
Year Built: 2009
Passengers: 148
Size: 1,566 tons
Find Amadeus Elegant Cruises & Sailings
Amadeus Elegant
Year Built: 2010
Passengers: 150
Size: 1,566 tons