Moevenpick Nile Cruises

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Moevenpick Nile Cruises
OCG Class: River Cruise
Newest Ship:  Royal Lily
Number of Ships:  3
Moevenpick Nile Cruises Ships

Moevenpick Nile Cruises, a division of the Moevenpick Group, offers cruise holidays that combine top facilities, premium service and fantastic shore excursions. Their fleet of river cruisers travel the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, or explore the Lower Nubia on Lake Nasser.
Prince Abbas Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Prince Abbas
Year Built: 1998
Refurbished: 2007
Passengers: 130
Decks: 6
Royal Lily Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Royal Lily
Year Built: 2007
Passengers: 120
Decks: 5
Royal Lotus Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Royal Lotus
Year Built: 2005
Passengers: 120
Decks: 5