Oceania Cruises

Quick Specs
Oceania Cruises
OCG Class: Premium
Newest Ship:  Riviera
Number of Ships:  4
Toll-Free (US):  800-531-5619
Oceania Cruises Premium Cruise Line
Oceania Cruises Ships

Oceania Cruises is a mid-market line with a fleet of three vessels and two more on order. The line offers a variety of port-intensive itineraries around the world and is known for occasionally offering great deals that set them apart from competitors like two-for-one rates and free air.
Marina Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2010
Passengers: 1,250
Decks: 11
Size: 66,084 tons
Nautica Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2000
Refurbished: 2010
Passengers: 684
Decks: 9
Size: 30,277 tons
Regatta Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 1998
Refurbished: 2007
Passengers: 684
Decks: 9
Size: 30,200 tons
Riviera Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2012
Passengers: 1,250
Decks: 11
Size: 66,084 tons