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P&O Cruises
OCG Class: Mainstream
Newest Ship:  Britannia
Number of Ships:  8
Toll-Free (US):  800-PRINCESS
P&O Cruises Mainstream Cruise Line
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The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) was founded in 1837 as a mail and passenger carrier for the then sprawling British empire. The line caters primarily to mass-market Britons and a few North Americans (being an Anglophile helps), offering plenty of activities but not much enrichment. Fred. Olsen is their main competitor.
Arcadia Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2004
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 2,388
Size: 85,000 tons
Aurora Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2000
Passengers: 1,868
Decks: 10
Size: 76,152 tons
Azura Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2010
Passengers: 3,100
Decks: 14
Size: 116,000 tons
Britannia Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2015
Passengers: 3,600
Size: 141,000 tons
Oceana Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 1999
Refurbished: 2002
Passengers: 1,950
Size: 77,400 tons
Oriana Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 1995
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 1,828
Decks: 10
Size: 69,153 tons
Ventura Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 2008
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 3,200
Decks: 16
Size: 116,017 tons