Pandaw River Cruises

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Pandaw River Cruises
OCG Class: River Cruise
Newest Ship:  Yunnan Pandaw
Number of Ships:  7
Toll-Free (US):  877-256-1999
Pandaw River Cruises River Cruise Cruise Line
Pandaw River Cruises Ships

Pandaw River Cruises traces its legacy to the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company that operated cruises along the Burma river system during colonial British rule. Since 1995, Pandaw has been operating a new fleet of vessels along the rivers of Asia.
Find Kindat Pandaw Cruises & Sailings
Kindat Pandaw
Year Built: 2014
Passengers: 36
Decks: 2
Size: 340 tons
Find Laos Pandaw Cruises & Sailings
Laos Pandaw
Year Built: 2014
Passengers: 20
Decks: 2
Mekong Pandaw Cruise Schedule & Sailings
Find Mekong Pandaw Cruises & Sailings
Mekong Pandaw
Year Built: 2003
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 48
Decks: 4
Orient Pandaw Cruise Schedule & Sailings
Find Orient Pandaw Cruises & Sailings
Orient Pandaw
Year Built: 2008
Passengers: 60
Decks: 4
Pandaw II Cruise Schedule & Sailings
Find Pandaw II Cruises & Sailings
Pandaw II
Year Built: 2002
Passengers: 48
Decks: 3
Tonle Pandaw Cruise Schedule & Sailings
Find Tonle Pandaw Cruises & Sailings
Tonle Pandaw
Year Built: 2002
Passengers: 66
Decks: 3
Find Yunnan Pandaw Cruises & Sailings
Yunnan Pandaw
Year Built: 2016
Passengers: 28
Decks: 2