Quark Expeditions

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Quark Expeditions
OCG Class: Expedition
Newest Ship:  50 Years of Victory
Number of Ships:  5
Toll-Free (US):  888-979-3429
Quark Expeditions Expedition Cruise Line
Quark Expeditions Ships

Quark Expeditions operates a fleet ranging from research vessels to ice-breakers and expedition-style passenger ships. The line offers a wide variety of Arctic and Antarctic itineraries with comfortable accommodations and educational enrichment programs.
50 Years of Victory Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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50 Years of Victory
Year Built: 2007
Passengers: 128
Ocean Adventurer Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Ocean Adventurer
Year Built: 1976
Refurbished: 2017
Passengers: 132
Decks: 4
Size: 4,575 tons
Ocean Diamond Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Ocean Diamond
Year Built: 1986
Refurbished: 2012
Passengers: 189
Decks: 6
Size: 8,282 tons
Ocean Endeavour Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Ocean Endeavour
Year Built: 1981
Refurbished: 2014
Passengers: 199
Decks: 6
Size: 12,907 tons
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Ocean Nova
Year Built: 1992
Refurbished: 2006
Passengers: 82
Decks: 5
Size: 2,118 tons