Un-Cruise Adventures

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Un-Cruise Adventures
OCG Class: Specialty
Newest Ship:  Safari Explorer
Number of Ships:  8
Toll-Free (US):  877-901-1009
Un-Cruise Adventures Specialty Cruise Line
Un-Cruise Adventures Ships

Un-Cruise Adventures offers a unique take on small-ship cruising, allowing passengers to explore areas inaccessible to larger ships, stepping ashore in small communities, and getting up-close with wildlife. In business since 1996, and formerly known as American Safari Cruises/InnerSea Discoveries, their fleet of yachts and small ships carry guests on adventures in Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, the Galapagos Islands, MexicoÆs Sea of Cortes, the Columbia & Snake Rivers, and coastal Washington & British Columbia.
S.S. Legacy Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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S.S. Legacy
Year Built: 1983
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 86
Decks: 4
Size: 1,472 tons
Safari Endeavour Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Safari Endeavour
Year Built: 1983
Refurbished: 2012
Passengers: 84
Decks: 4
Size: 95 tons
Safari Explorer Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Safari Explorer
Year Built: 1998
Refurbished: 2008
Passengers: 36
Decks: 2
Size: 97 tons
Safari Quest Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Safari Quest
Year Built: 1992
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 22
Decks: 4
Size: 345 tons
Safari Voyager Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Safari Voyager
Year Built: 1982
Refurbished: 2016
Passengers: 62
Decks: 3
Size: 354 tons
Wilderness Adventurer Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Wilderness Adventurer
Year Built: 1984
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 60
Decks: 4
Size: 89 tons
Wilderness Discoverer Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Wilderness Discoverer
Year Built: 1992
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 76
Size: 99 tons
Wilderness Explorer Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Wilderness Explorer
Year Built: 1976
Refurbished: 2012
Passengers: 74
Decks: 3
Size: 94 tons