Voyages of Discovery

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Voyages of Discovery
OCG Class: Expedition
Newest Ship:  Voyager
Number of Ships:  2
Toll-Free (US):  866-623-2689
Voyages of Discovery Expedition Cruise Line
Voyages of Discovery Ships

Voyages of Discovery is a British-owned line operating a single ship, the 650-passenger Discovery. The Discovery is slightly larger than most expedition ships, so travelers with moderate incomes can partake in Antarctic itineraries and other expedition-cruises that usually have much higher rates.
Discovery Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 1972
Refurbished: 2003
Passengers: 698
Decks: 8
Size: 20,186 tons
Voyager Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Year Built: 1990
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 556
Decks: 7
Size: 15,271 tons