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Visitors can find a full range of accommodations in Alberta, from budget lodgings, hostels and campsites to bed-and-breakfasts and world-famous deluxe hotels and resorts. The best hotels are not evenly distributed through the province—in some locations, considerably less-than-deluxe quarters are all that's available.Read More ...

We recommend at least a night's stay in one of the grand lodges built by the Canadian Pacific Railway—all make the most of their mountain lakeside settings. These historic hotels are extremely popular, so make reservations well in advance of your travel dates—a year in advance isn't a bad idea. Other hotels in the mountains should be booked ahead if you're traveling in the peak summer months, and the same is true if you plan to see the Calgary Stampede in July.

You can also bed down on a working ranch, where guests stay with their hosts in traditional ranch homes, or at one of the resort-style ranches, which offer individual cabins and planned activities (rodeos, trail rides, campfires). Some offer horseback-riding lessons, overnight horseback trips or a chance to go on a cattle drive, all for an additional fee.

There are also some spectacular backcountry lodges that are rustic and historic and serve terrific food in pristine locations. A few remote lodges are accessed on foot or even by helicopter. Some Native American tour operators offer the opportunity to spend the night in a tepee. Renting a camper has become increasingly popular in recent years and is an excellent way to explore the parks.< Show Less

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