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Don't arrive at a lodge or hotel without reservations: You'll find that space has long been sold out. Book in advance. Read More ...

When selecting a lodge or camp in the Moremi Reserve/Okavango Delta or Savuti areas, consider the following: If it's in the delta, is it wet only, dry only, or a combination? What is the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated? What type of lodging is it (the possibilities run from tents to A-frame chalets)? What are the vehicles like? Are they covered with awnings to provide a shelter from the sun? Do they allow all passengers a clear view? Has the camp been used for hunting recently (the animals stay skittish for a few years afterward)? Are there any other options besides nature-related activity, such as visits to villages? What about fishing?

Chobe National Park has a few impressive accommodations. Gaborone has a chronic room shortage. New hotels and other accommodations are being built in the main towns. They tend to be oriented toward the business traveler.< Show Less

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