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Hotels throughout China range from deluxe to very simple dorm rooms. Tourist hotels offer a variety of Western amenities (everything from putting greens and bowling alleys to business centers and fitness rooms). Read More ...

Inquire if your hotel accepts credit cards (some do and then add a surcharge). In fact, don't be surprised to see taxes and surcharges added to your bill for every amenity or service, no matter what method of payment is used.

In areas such as Inner Mongolia and Tibet, accommodations can be simple, government-run rooming houses. It's even possible to arrange an overnight stay in a Tibetan yak-hair tent or a Mongolian yurt.

In Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Macau, Hainan and Shanghai, accommodations range from deluxe hotels to dives, guesthouses and flats. Because there are plenty of good hotels, first decide where you want to be (Kowloon or Hong Kong Island, for instance). The deluxe Peninsula, built in 1928, deserves mention as an enduring classic built in the grand old tradition. But it's not the only fine hotel. Hong Kong probably has more highly rated and award-winning deluxe hotels than any other city in the world.

Shanghai has seen an explosion of high-end properties as it is the engine room of China's economic boom. Many business hotels offer executive floors where just about every creature comfort is provided, together with dedicated lounges, generally at roof-top level. You can even get whisked from the airport to the Pudong Shangri-La, China's largest five-star hotel, in the comfort of a Rolls-Royce Phantom. And guests staying in rooms on in its executive floor are provided with binoculars and an illustrated map of buildings along The Bund, the historic waterfront buildings on the opposite side of the Huangpu River.

Visitors who want luxury with a personal touch but in an intimate setting can try some of the upscale boutique-hotels that are now appearing in several parts of China. Some are in the center of towns and cities or close to attractions like the Great Wall, while others are in rural locations.< Show Less