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Accommodations range from budget backpacker hotels to boutique conversions of colonial haciendas and even deluxe resort hotels. Things have improved dramatically in the past decade, as domestic tourism has boomed—Colombia travelers are sophisticated. It may be wise not to take the very best hotel in provincial cities, since they sometimes rely too much on their name and dictate the prices. The second-best accommodation often offers better service and value for the money.Read More ...

Genuine midrange hotels are most often found in beautiful colonial towns. Tourist hotels at the coast usually charge per person, and hotels in rural areas inland charge per room. Rooms with a double bed (matrimonial) often only cost a little more than a single and a lot less than a room with twin beds. Note that luxury and midrange hotels will add a 14% tax to the price you are quoted.

Keep in mind that in popular cities a deluxe room is quite inexpensive when compared with accommodations at some of the world's most popular destinations. The Hoteles Dann chain is recommended and often has interesting plans with lots of extras at its deluxe hotels, found in most major cities.

Do not trust the completely arbitrary Colombian star system. It is unregulated and up to the owner's discretion. Note that some excellent small, clean country hotels may have very cheap prices and that a dirty dive may charge an inflated price.

Anything close to a bus station or a popular market will probably be seedy and often see a good deal of red-light activity. Budget hotels are usually very noisy, with thin walls and a loud TV preventing you from sleeping before midnight. And be aware that the term "motel" in Colombia, as elsewhere in Latin America, refers to a hotel that rents rooms by the hour for coital convenience.

The Pequenos Hoteles con Encantos ( represents almost two dozen unique boutique-hotels around the country.< Show Less

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