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Accommodations range from international hotels in Addis Ababa to very basic properties found throughout the country. We suggest staying in as deluxe a property as possible to minimize hassles.Read More ...

The government owns a string of resorts and hotels throughout the country, including ones in rural locations such as Lake Langano and Wendo Genet. Government resorts are comfortable but tend to lack certain amenities—mosquito nets, hot water and televisions are not guaranteed. If you want to visit the rural areas and still stay in luxury accommodations, staying in a nearby small city might be more appealing. Cities such as Nazret, Shashemene and Awasa all have very nice accommodations to offer.

Although tourist infrastructure is growing, space in hotels is still limited. It is best to call ahead and make reservations. The busiest times of year are after the rains—October-January is especially busy, but tourists will frequent the country until the big rains start in July. Even if you're visiting during the rainy season, it is best to call ahead, because hotel space can fill up quickly.< Show Less