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Accommodations range from deluxe international resort properties to basic, locally run small hotels, spas, campgrounds, apartments, villas, bed-and-breakfasts, private homes and hostels. In general, you get what you pay for, and for most people, the more expensive the property, the fewer the hassles. In Athens, regardless of the type you choose, it's always best to request a room away from the street because of the motorcycles that buzz through at all hours. Read More ...

Budget travelers in Athens will want to find a room in a small hotel in the Plaka area. The only drawback to those properties is that the dancing at the bar below your window may not stop until dawn. (It won't do much good to ask them to turn the music down; you might as well go downstairs and join the party.) In the cheapest hotels, be prepared to pay extra for air-conditioning.

All accommodations have fairly high taxes, but these are already included in the prices. By law, room rates must be listed in the room, and these change with the seasons. Off-season, you can usually bargain a price.< Show Less