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Accommodations range from deluxe, world-class properties to local inns, full-service tented camps, game-park lodges, beach resorts and campgrounds. Despite the name, tented camps can be quite luxurious, with private baths, excellent food and hot water. Some of the camps and lodges feature nighttime wildlife viewing—a rare opportunity to see nocturnal animals (if you're lucky). The staff will wake you if something interesting comes by. (Be aware that some properties put out food as bait to attract animals. Although some people like the increased odds of encountering something exciting, others prefer less-orchestrated sightings and feedings.)Read More ...

Nairobi has the usual chain hotels found all over the world. Hotels in Kenya's small towns tend to be old-fashioned and simple, but are nevertheless comfortable with good service and usually have a half-decent restaurant. There are a couple of historic and atmospheric places to stay that have been going since the colonial days, such as the Fairmont Hotel in Nairobi or the Aberdare Country Club in Nyeri.

In the wildlife areas, accommodation is usually in safari lodges. Sometimes these are large and impersonal, but they're always in a good location for seeing animals.

At the cheaper end of the market, there are many safaris that utilize the public camping sites, and camping equipment and a cook are usually supplied. On the coast, the strings of beach resorts vary in quality. We think the nicest are those built of thatch and timber to blend in the coastal forest. All offer a good range of facilities for those on a beach vacation, like watersports and scuba-diving.< Show Less