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Mexico Hotels

Accommodations range from deluxe resorts to lots of bed-and-breakfasts, historic inns, and moderate to very basic hotels. At the high end, Mexico has dozens of resorts that make annual "best in the world" lists and more impressive ones keep opening each year. Remember that many resort hotels are all-inclusive (also called full plan) hotels and will not make exceptions. Be 100% certain of exactly what type of hotel you're staying at before making reservations. Read More ...

Mexico presents a tremendous value in the middle range, especially away from the coasts, where it's easy to find a clean and comfortable hotel with lots of local character, in a centuries-old historic landmark, for less than US$100 a night. Sometimes a lot less.

For sanitation and comfort and to minimize potential hassles, stay away from the very bottom-end properties. And make certain that where you stay is well-located (some "beach resorts" aren't very close to the water and many international chain hotels are on the outskirts of cities, near the industrial zones). In most cases, first-time visitors or inexperienced travelers should stay in better hotels with a good reputation—or a beach resort hotel that is part of a well-known chain.

In welcome contrast to many other parts of the world, nearly every Mexican hotel offers complimentary Internet access.

Be advised that English fluency is not a given at hotels in areas that only get a smattering of foreign tourists. This includes highly desirable colonial city destinations such as Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Patzcuaro and Morelia. Take a phrase book.< Show Less