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Myanmar Hotels

New hotels are increasingly popping up around the country, and existing hotels are adding capacity, so travelers now have more choices. To minimize hassles, try to stay in as deluxe an accommodation as possible, particularly if air-conditioning and electricity are top priorities. (In Myanmar, power cuts are so common that many people power their homes with private generators.) Read More ...

Book far in advance, especially if traveling during the high season (December-February) or April, the Myanmar New Year. Travelers are flocking to Myanmar, and hotels are booking up solidly and fast. There is currently not enough supply to meet demand, and many hotels are running at maximum capacity for the first time in years. Tour operators recommend booking six to 12 months out.

Be sure to reconfirm your reservation, and how much it will cost, before leaving home. Some travelers have been unpleasantly surprised at checkout to find that that prices rose since their original time of booking.< Show Less