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Accommodations range from deluxe properties to dives. There is a wide variety of locally owned properties as well as simple, clean government-operated lodges and rest houses and a number of church guesthouses. It is very important to look at a room before deciding to stay, even at the more upmarket establishments. Many hotels have not been painted or maintained in years, some are so dilapidated they are on the verge of collapse, and there is the constant problem of disruption of water and electricity. You may have to look at a few places until you find a room that is comfortable and everything works. Read More ...

For what you get, hotel accommodations are not especially good value, but on the flipside, even the cheapest fleapit will have a TV and air-conditioning (whether there is power to work them is another matter). At the top end of the scale, some of the larger chains such as Meridien, Sheraton, Hilton and Protea have properties in Lagos and Abuja. In these, you can expect international standards, though at much higher rates. The use of credit cards in Nigeria is ill-advised, so it is almost impossible to prebook a room, but a hotel will rarely be full unless there's a large conference going on.

In every hotel in Nigeria there is a confusing deposit system. Deposits are often 50%-100% of the room rate and you pay this amount up front when checking in. When you check out, you get the remainder of the deposit back after the cost of the room has been deducted.< Show Less

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