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Accommodations in Norway range from deluxe international hotels to quaint inns, bed-and-breakfasts, campgrounds and local hotels. Hotel standards in Norway are high—even country inns and guesthouses maintain surprisingly good service and amenities at relatively low prices. (We say "relatively low" because nothing in Norway is inexpensive, though discount cards can lessen the pain—get details from your travel agent.) During peak season, inexpensive accommodations are hard to come by, so use caution if you arrive without a reservation. Read More ...

We recommend staying in a wide variety of properties to get a better feel for the country. Youth hostels there, as elsewhere in Scandinavia, are invariably clean and cater to families and other budget travelers, not just youth groups. A stay in one of the grand, Victorian-era wooden hotels that dot the fjord country is a real treat, and they are no more expensive than their modern counterparts.

The boat cruises plying the fjord area have fairly luxurious accommodations. Standards on the coastal steamers are more varied: The rooms in the newer, large ships feel somewhat impersonal, but the cabins in the older ships, which have stately hardwood-and-brass accoutrements, are somewhat cramped.< Show Less

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