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Visitors to Prince Edward Island will have no trouble finding the full range of accommodations, from budget lodgings to world-class hotels and resorts. Even though it would be possible to stay in one establishment for the entire time, we recommend that first-time visitors try a combination of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, cottages and inns. Outside the major centers, visitors will find farm-home accommodations, family-run motels, beachfront housekeeping cottages (rustic to very comfortable), bed-and-breakfasts (many of them in restored houses) and campgrounds. Read More ...

Resorts on the island offer a variety of activities, including boating, beach activities, spa services, golf and tennis. Fine hotels are located next to some of the finest golf courses on the island. July and August are the peak season for visitors: Book accommodations well in advance for those months. Many seasonal properties close up after early September or Canadian Thanksgiving in October, but most hotels in the larger towns operate year-round.< Show Less

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