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Russia Hotels

Accommodations range from very deluxe to basic, depending on the region of the country. Hotels are usually quite clean, comfortable and more than adequate. There are several classes of hotels (hostels, bed-and-breakfasts, two-, three-, four- and five-star), which must be specified when booking. In summer, the best bargains are the dachas (country houses) outside of Moscow—stays can be arranged at Moscow travel agencies upon arrival. Read More ...

Other options include bed-and-breakfasts and homestays (with a family), which can be arranged prior to departure. (We stayed with a family during part of our last visit to the country and strongly recommend the experience if you want to get to know Russians.) Two other options are minihotels or apartment hotels, which are appearing really quickly.

Don't be surprised by the prices of brand-name or upscale hotels. They are much higher in Moscow than their equivalents in western Europe and the U.S.

Be aware that if you're traveling independently outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can't plan on just showing up in a town and finding accommodations. Book in advance or you may—literally—find yourself out in the cold upon arrival.< Show Less