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Accommodations range from deluxe international properties, beachfront resorts, holiday villages and pensions to campgrounds and local hotels to absolute dives (which are increasingly rare in developed areas). Accommodation standards have shot up dramatically from what they used to be—and so have prices, though Turkey is still a relatively inexpensive place to travel. Stay in as deluxe an accommodation as possible, particularly in rural areas. Also, be aware that many large hotels on the coast may be surprisingly expensive by the night, even though they're dirt cheap to the package-deal visitors who make up most of their clientele. Read More ...

In Istanbul, the Sultanahmet district has some lovely old Ottoman mansions that have been converted into bed-and-breakfasts. Accommodations along the southeast Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts are less luxurious than those found in the rest of Turkey.

It's always acceptable to ask to look at a room before agreeing to stay in a hotel and don't be afraid to bargain, especially off-season. Most hotels offer 24-hour hot water, though it's worth asking first, especially in rural areas. Wi-Fi is also increasingly common and not just at big-city hotels. Breakfast—from a simple plate of cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers to a lavish buffet—is often included in room prices.< Show Less