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Holiday Inn Express

114 Jinshui Rd, Jinshui District
Zhengzhou, China 450003
Phone: 371-6595-6600 | Fax: 371-6595-1526

Super 8 Hotel Zhengzhou Di San Da Jie

No. 113 of Di San Da Jie Economic & Technological Dev
Zhengzhou, China
Phone: 10-603-8888 | Fax: 10-8550-2288

Super 8 Hotel Zhengzhou Er Qi Square

East Building of the Second, Hostel of Henan Armed Police
Zhengzhou, China
Phone: 10-8550-2288

Super 8 Hotel Zhengzhou Navigation

16 Jing Nan Five Road
Zhengzhou, China 000000

Super 8 Hotel Zhengzhou Railway Station

5-8F Complex Building, Erqi District East of Nan Duan Rd Fu Shou St
Zhengzhou, China
Phone: 371-

Super 8 Hotel Zhengzhou Zheng Bian Lu

No 1188 Of Jian Ye Road Jinshui District
Zhengzhou, China

Super 8 Zhengzhou Weft Four Rd

Four Weft Rd No 68 East 2 1st and 4th to 9th Floors
Zhengzhou, China
Fax: 10-8550-2287