ASTA Election Results

ASTA announces newly elected board of directors By: Megan Brickwood
ASTA recently elected a new board of directors. // © 2013 Thinkstock
ASTA recently elected a new board of directors. // © 2013 Thinkstock

The results of ASTA’s recent election are in, and the new board of directors will take over following ASTA’s global convention in Miami this September.

The following directors will begin their first term in September: Jay Ellenby, Safe Harbors Business Travel Group; Caitlin Gomez, Hickory Global Partners, LLC; John I. Lovell, CTC, Breton Village Travel Services, Inc.; Laura Rodriguez-Verbera, Marina Tours And Travel Arizona LLC; and Leo Zabinski, CTC, MCC, DS, Classic Travel.

The following directors continue the second year of their term: Roger Block, CTC, Travel Leaders Franchise Group; Jason Coleman, CTC, ECCS, LCS, CLS, DS, Jason Coleman, Inc.; Jackie Friedman, Nexion; and John Lovell, CTC,

In September, the incumbent board of directors will convene to select the executive committee from the nine national directors listed above.

Election Results

For those chapters that held officer elections this year, the results are as follows:

President - James Buckley
Vice President – Joan Papst, CTC, MCC
Secretary – Russell Pickett, ECC, MBA
Treasurer – Juliet Deseo

Central Atlantic
President – Richard Schwartz, CTC, DS, ACC
Vice President – Heather Dolstra, CTC
Secretary – Mary Peters, CTC
Treasurer – Jay Ellenby

Central & North Florida
President – Jesse Mackey
Vice President – Gail Miller, CTC, MCC
Treasurer – Allyn Ryan, CTC
Secretary – Cecilia Meacham

Delaware Valley
President – Jason Holland, CTA
Secretary - Kari Thomas, CTC, CNS

Great Lakes
President – JoAnne Verboom
Michigan Vice President – Chris Wommer, CTIE, DS
Wisconsin Vice President – Dianne Moore, CTC
Treasurer – Caroline Kowalik
Secretary – Donna Cooper

President – Patricia Tervola
Vice President/Secretary – Rachel Shimamoto, CTC
Treasurer – Charmaine Chan

Long Island
President – Carol McParland, ACC, CTC
Vice President – Gerald Mack
Treasurer – Debra Kalsmith-Sternberg
Secretary – Gretchen Stalb

President – Claudia Darling, CTC, MCC
1st Vice President – Dan Lanser, CTC
2nd Vice President – Barbara Mazzola, CTC, MCC
Treasurer – Robert Elking
Secretary – Pamela Faust, CTC

Northern California
President – Marilyn Bell Zelaya
1st Vice President – Ryan McGredy
2nd Vice President – Paul Demers
Treasurer – Annette Weber

New England
President – Gabriel Garavanian
Secretary/Membership Chair – Theresa Strauss
Treasurer – Michael Taylor, ACC, CTC
Immediate Past President/ASTAPAC Chair – Mike Spinelli, Jr.

New York City
President – Ralph Vasami
Immediate Past President – Alice Tillem
Vice President – Barbara Colombo, CTC
Secretary – Jack Tillem
Treasurer – Lucy Penna
Boro VP Queens/Brooklyn/Staten Island – Joann Costagliola
Boro VP Manhattan – Bill McCue, ACC, CTC, DS, MCC
Boro VP Bronx/Westchester – Barbara Jathas, DS

Orange County
President – Betsy Geiser
1st Vice President – Betty Cox, CTIE,CTC,DS
2nd Vice President – Karl Rosen
Secretary – Paula Singleton
Treasurer – Dick De Rose

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