Frosch Travel Launches Frosch Outdoor Travel

Frosch Travel makes a formal entry into the adventure travel segment with fishing focus By: Mindy Poder
Frosch Travel has a new focus on fishing and other outdoor adventure travel. // © 2015 iStock
Frosch Travel has a new focus on fishing and other outdoor adventure travel. // © 2015 iStock

The Details

Frosch Outdoor Travel

Frosch Travel recently introduced Frosch Outdoor Travel, a division that will focus on creating outdoor travel excursions and adventures. Frosch Outdoor Travel says its mission is to build environmental awareness and promote its nonprofit partners.

Why It Matters:
A growing number of consumers are interested in outdoor travel adventures, and agencies that make an effort to brand themselves as outdoor experts are well-poised to capture a piece of this demographic. Another notable feature of Frosch Travel’s entry into this segment of the industry is its focus on fishing via a partnership with professional angler Cody Kelley. Though adventure travel is still an emerging niche among the travel agent community, clients looking for adventure have more ways to find an outdoor specialist than ever before. As a result, agencies entering this field will do well to consider a specialization within the soft-adventure category.

Fast Facts:

— Frosch Outdoor Travel aims to organize multiple strategies to link the adventure travel, nonprofit and fishing industries.

— Angler Cody Kelley stood out to Frosch for his time spent working to raise awareness of Special Olympics Arkansas.

— Frosch also has dedicated divisions for corporate travel, leisure travel, energy travel, group travel, global services and rewards and incentives.

— Frosch is a member of Signature Travel Network,is based in New York City and Houston and generates $1.5 billion in travel spend.

What They Are Saying:
"This industry needs talented, educated young men and women that are dedicated to giving back,” said Frosch president and CEO Bryan Leibman. “We're proud that Cody Kelley is now officially a member of Frosch Outdoor Travel and will work to bridge the two industries for our clients, and in support of our mission."

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