IATA Releases 2017 Global Passenger Survey

Travelers feel empowered by better technology By: Mindy Poder
Travelers feel empowered by technology. // © 2017 Getty Images
Travelers feel empowered by technology. // © 2017 Getty Images

The Details

Findings of IATA’s annual report highlight the influence of technology on passenger satisfaction, and how passengers value time and greater control.

Why It Matters:
The survey’s overwhelming finding is that, these days, passengers are empowered by technology — and their satisfaction is typically directly related to whether they are able to use tech to its fullest capabilities. For example, 64 percent of respondents chose biometric identification as their preferred traveling token, while 74 percent used an electronic boarding pass on a smartphone in the last 12 months. And don’t forget that your clients like to be in control and hate wasting time — give them as much information about airport procedures ahead of time as possible. 

Fast Facts:
- Forty-nine percent of passengers prefer self-bag drop (compared to 46 percent in 2016).

- Seventy-two percent of passengers prefer self-boarding.

- Thirty-three percent would replace boarding token with biometric recognition.

- Time is highly valued: The maximum acceptable bag-drop time is 3 minutes (78 percent).

- The maximum acceptable queuing time at immigration is 10 minutes (74 percent).

- According to respondents, the boarding experience would be most improved by an efficient queuing process. 

- Passengers want to receive notifications not just via SMS — there were year-over-year increases in passenger preferences for notifications via e-mail and smartphone app.

- Real-time information is the No. 1 top service to prevent travel disruption (63 percent), followed by flight re-booking (53 percent) and hotel accommodation (42 percent).

- Forty-two percent of passengers want to watch digital content on their own devices, while 45 percent prefer watching on their seatback devices.

- Passengers want to use onboard Wi-Fi to browse the internet (73 percent), send/receive emails (62 percent) and instant message (62 percent).

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