Concierge Corner: Omar Duran at Paradisus Los Cabos

Concierge Corner: Omar Duran at Paradisus Los Cabos

A veteran concierge spills on the best parts about working at this all-inclusive resort By: Emma Weissmann
<p>Omar Duran works as a concierge at Paradisus Los Cabos. // © 2017 Melia Hotels &amp; Resorts</p><p>Feature image (above): The resort features...

Omar Duran works as a concierge at Paradisus Los Cabos. // © 2017 Melia Hotels & Resorts

Feature image (above): The resort features several open-air public spaces. // © 2017 Melia Hotels & Resorts

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Did you know? Paradisus Los Cabos is also home to a brand-new convention center.

Omar Duran is a seasoned concierge; he has worked at some of the most prestigious and recognized resorts in Los Cabos during his eight years in the business. Now, he has landed at the recently opened Paradisus Los Cabos, a Melia Hotels & Resorts property, where he continues to receive high marks for his knowledge of the property’s services and food and beverage department, as well as for his top-notch customer relations.

We sat down with Duran to learn more about his duties as a concierge; the experiences available to guests at Paradisus Los Cabos; and more.

What is your favorite part of working as a concierge?
I love meeting new people, and I have always liked to learn more about different nationalities and traditions, in addition to sharing my own culture with others. I like to make guests feel like they are a part of the family and also to make it known that the concierge will take care of every single detail. At the end of the day, I find that clients appreciate my willingness to help them with a big smile on my face; it makes everything worth the effort.

What's the most unusual request you have received?
Being a concierge at Paradisus Los Cabos has been amazing, and I have the opportunity to stay close to customers and remain in touch even after their stay. I don’t have many unusual requests, but there was one asked of me and probably of other coworkers, too. A guest asked me to create a romantic moment at the beach with candles, a bottle of wine and some appetizers. It’s a lot of pressure to create the perfect moment for your guests and their partners, especially when a big surprise can take place on your watch!

What's an ideal itinerary for first-time guests to the area? 
I always like to recommend that guests stay on-property to enjoy the resort facilities first: to have lunch and dinner at the various restaurants we have and to enjoy the pool, our services and the beach. After they do that, most guests don’t even want to leave the hotel, and they end up spending their whole vacation here. But some of them do like to go out and enjoy different places in Los Cabos, including downtown San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Los Cabos (the Los Cabos Marina) and Puerto Paraiso Mall in Cabo San Lucas.

How does Paradisus Los Cabos stand out from other all-inclusive options in the area?
The food and the service here are exceptional, but the warmth of the employees is also outstanding. The staff almost seem as if they aren’t working, because they are always happy to assist guests. That is what makes Paradisus Los Cabos much better than other resorts in Los Cabos.

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