Industry Q&A: Jacquelyn Krueger

Industry Q&A: Jacquelyn Krueger

The business development manager for the Southwestern U.S. for Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resort knows the key to landing a sale (and a happy client) By: Emma Weissmann
<p>Jacquelyn Krueger // © 2015 Jacquelyn Krueger</p><p>Feature image (above): Le Blanc Resort // © 2015 Le Blanc Spa Resorts</p>

Jacquelyn Krueger // © 2015 Jacquelyn Krueger

Feature image (above): Le Blanc Resort // © 2015 Le Blanc Spa Resorts

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The Details

Palace Resorts

I first became interested in the travel industry when I had a teacher in school who focused a class on the significance of having a purpose, a mission statement or a mantra. I walked away from that lesson knowing my personal phrase: “Always remain portable.” This was in 5th grade, and even though I entered college as a graphic arts major, here I am in the travel industry more than 20 years later.

The key to having a good business relationship with me is communication and details. Give me “the good, the bad and the ugly” and just lay it all out there. I’ll always do my best to help in any situation. I’ll translate the key details into how it needs to be packaged on my end and return the solution in a manner agents can pass along to their clients. Then all they have to do is add their own personal touch.

The biggest piece of advice I give travel agents on selling Palace Resorts is to remember that we’re the most inclusive all-inclusive. Our brand differentiators are applicable to all room categories of all eight oceanfront resorts, such as unlimited a la carte dining with no reservations, exchange privileges at other Palace Resorts and more.

My favorite part about working with travel agents is helping close that key sale and deliver the most special experience for the clients. Ultimate guest satisfaction begins with educated, professional travel agents and their ability to feel supported. It feels like you are helping a friend or close neighbor — the bonus is that we all win as result, just by doing what we love.

What most agents don’t realize about business development managers is that we’re ambassadors of our brand 24/7. We work from anywhere — on a car-rental shuttle, in line to board a plane, on a tradeshow floor trying to get Wi-Fi access — you name it. But we are also ambassadors of the travel industry, providing public examples of why travelers should use a travel agent for all of their travel needs.

When I’m not at work, you can usually find me out on a hike, trying new recipes, trying to keep my pepper plants alive, skiing or watching a game with friends and family — I’m a huge sports fan.

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