Industry Q&A: Sherwin Banda, President of African Travel, Inc.

Industry Q&A: Sherwin Banda, President of African Travel, Inc.

Adventure opportunities are ample throughout Africa, according to this tour expert

By: Kenneth Shapiro
<p>Sherwin Banda, president of African Travel, Inc. // © 2017 African Travel, Inc.</p><p>Feature image (above): Wildlife encounters make for great...

Sherwin Banda, president of African Travel, Inc. // © 2017 African Travel, Inc.

Feature image (above): Wildlife encounters make for great African adventures. // © 2017 Getty Images

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African Travel, Inc.

There is no doubt that Sherwin Banda, president of tour operator African Travel, Inc. and a native of South Africa, is a passionate advocate of travel to Africa.

“It is a special place that changes you,” Banda said. “I love that I work for a company where I get to share the magic of Africa that I know and love, while also helping guests make a difference on the continent.”

African Travel, Inc., a Travel Corporation brand, has more than two dozen Africa itineraries in 14 countries, many with unique adventure activities for guests.

What makes your company different from other African tour operators?
African Travel, Inc. focuses exclusively on Africa, and we are passionate about uplifting local communities and supporting wildlife conservation and sustainability. Giving back is at the core of what we do. We also allow guests to delve deep into local cultures during their visit and have truly immersive experiences. In addition, African Travel, Inc.’s expert team has lived or traveled extensively throughout Africa and has uncovered hidden gems that would otherwise take a lifetime of living in the destination to see.

As a South African, what is your favorite can’t-miss activity in South Africa?
The thrill of being on a game drive never gets old. The ability to see Africa’s wildlife in its untouched environment always leaves me with goosebumps. Another favorite activity is sleeping under the African stars and sky in the bush. It’s an intimate experience that should not be missed and can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world. Falling asleep under a blanket of stars as animals roam in the distance is truly special.

What advice do you have for agents selling travel to Africa?
It’s important to match the traveler with the appropriate African destination. Africa is so vast and varied, and there are so many great destinations and experiences to choose from; it’s important for agents to know what clients are looking for so that they can plan the perfect safari vacation and tailor it to the individual or group. 

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